Paul Music Incorporated

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Hank Paul

Hank Paul is the founder and president of the S Corporation, Paul Music Incorporated.

Paul Music Incorporated was originated in 1987 and the Park Avenue Orchestra was created. The Park Avenue Orchestra has gone through many different stages of music and has performed for a variety of different functions over the years. The Orchestra settled in the Wedding, Corporate Entertainment Industry in 1989. With hard work, deep dedication, and the excitement of entertaining, the group has become one of Chicago Lands premier Orchestra's. Our Company employs some of the finest professional Musicians in the Chicago Land Area. We will continue to meet new challenges and always look for ways to improve our success with established goals. The Park Avenue Orchestra is committed to achieving the excellence of every performance and satisfying their clients with true professionalism. We service our clients with dignity, respect, and a personal touch.

As the leader of the Park Avenue Orchestra, Hank Paul is dedicated to musical expertise, professionalism, and personal attention to detail that will be the right combination to make the performance a complete success. He will continue to strive for excellence with each and every performance to ensure a performance beyond your highest expectations.

Paul Music Incorporated will offer prompt and efficient customer service to all our clients to ensure a complete and stellar performance.