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Park Avenue Orchestra

Contract Information

For more information on how to contract The Park Avenue Orchestra for your special event, please complete our online contact form, and Paul Music Incorporated will contact you within a twenty four hour time period.

Paul Music Incorporated will send you a complete pricing package for all of our flexible Performance Packages when you contact us. You will receive a Confirmation Email. Please click on the link included in this email and you will receive this pricing information instantaneously.

Hank Paul:  847-821-7704

Paul Music Incorporated requires a signed contract. The contract will include the Date, Place of Engagement, and times that the Orchestra will be performing.

The contract must be returned to us within ten days once the contract is written and sent to the prospective client. If the contract is not returned to Paul Music Incorporated with the enclosed deposit within the given time frame, the contract will be null and void. Paul Music Incorporated reserves the right to retain the deposit and open the date to other interested clients if the event is cancelled under any unfortunate circumstances.